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Black Friday best camera deals 2019

25 Nov 2019 Gordon Laing

It's that time of year when we're bombarded by bargain offers, so I've sifted through the deals to find the best buys on camera gear. So if you're shopping for a new camera, lens or accessory, check out my guide to the best deals this Holiday Season! PS - check back for updates!

Cameralabs Cafe Podcast episode 004

22 Nov 2019 Gordon Laing

一本大道香蕉视频The Cameralabs Cafe podcast returns! In Episode Four, Gordon and Doug talk about how to choose the best camera for vlogging - and video in general - before recommending a selection of models at various price points! So grab a drink and join us in the Cameralabs Cafe!

Cameralabs Cafe Podcast episode 003

13 Nov 2019 Gordon Laing

The Cameralabs Cafe podcast returns where Gordon and Doug discuss the health and future of the Micro Four Thirds system, take a look at the new Olympus OMD EM5 III and revisit the Lumix G9 which keeps getting better! So grab a drink and join us in the Cameralabs Cafe for a catch-up of all the photography news and reviews!

Sigma Art lenses transform Lumix S

28 Oct 2019 Gordon Laing

一本大道香蕉视频Sigma's Art lenses for full-frame mirrorless cameras transform the Leica-L mount system, bringing focal lengths, apertures and - crucially - prices that were previously unavailable. They're particularly appealing to Lumix S owners who, due to the high cost of Leica's own lenses, have been limited to Panasonic's initial three lenses so far. Find out why you'll want to invest in…

Sony RX100 VII compact pride

07 Aug 2019 Gordon Laing

一本大道香蕉视频Sony’s RX100 VII is arguably the most powerful compact camera around. In this post I’ll share a bunch of images I took at the UK’s biggest Pride event in Brighton, where I found it effortlessly tracked subjects, captured wide views and tight portraits, while remaining discreet and convenient throughout!

Cameralabs Cafe Podcast episode 002

06 Aug 2019 Gordon Laing

The Cameralabs Cafe podcast returns with Gordon and Doug discussing the Canon G7X III, G5X II and Sony RX100 VII, before moving onto Sony's latest high resolution mirrorless, the A7r IV, then wrapping up with some lens news. So grab a drink and join us in the Cameralabs Cafe for a catch-up of all the recent news and reviews!

How to photograph fireworks

04 Jul 2019 Gordon Laing

Firework displays can be spectacular but present a number of challenges to capture on-camera. In my simple guide I'll share my tips and techniques for photographing fireworks whether you're shooting New Year, 4th July or any other celebration!

Cameralabs Cafe Podcast episode 001

21 Jun 2019 Gordon Laing

一本大道香蕉视频The Cameralabs podcast returns in a new format where Gordon and Doug discuss not just one camera but all the gear we’ve tested over the last few months. Episode One includes the Lumix S, G90 / G95, Fujifilm GFX100 and Sony FE 200-600mm! Join us in the Cameralabs Cafe!

Sony vs Canon 135mm - can a 23 year-old lens…

08 Apr 2019 Gordon Laing

一本大道香蕉视频Owners of the Canon EF 135mm f2L USM consider it a legend, but can a 23 year old lens really compete with a modern design? Ben Harvey pitches the blisteringly-sharp Sony FE 135mm f1.8 GM against his beloved Canon to find out.

Camera gear of the year 2018

03 Dec 2018 Gordon Laing

2018 was a strong year in the photography world with a lot of exciting new cameras, lenses and accessories. In my camera gear of the year guide I'll highlight the highest-performing, most useful and enjoyable products I've reviewed this year!

Photokina 2018 show report

28 Sep 2018 Gordon Laing

Every two years the photography world gathers at Photokina in Cologne, Germany, to show off their latest products and unveil their plans for the future. It’s a huge show, so let me be your personal guide in my 16 minute show report!

Sony RX100 VI - one of the best travel cameras

03 Sep 2018 Gordon Laing

5000 miles, ten countries, one pocket camera - that was the task I set the Sony RX100 VI when it accompanied me on a five week drive through Europe from the UK to Estonia then onto Helsinki and St Petersburg, Russia. Find out why it’s one of the best travel cameras in my blog!

Lunar Eclipse Photography

26 Jul 2018 Gordon Laing

A Total Lunar Eclipse is one of Nature's most spectacular displays and a great deal easier to photograph than a Solar Eclipse, not to mention more frequent too. In my guide I'll explain how to photograph a lunar eclipse or blood moon!

Long exposure photography tips

03 Jul 2018 Gordon Laing

Long exposures can be used to create beautiful and mysterious-looking images, transforming landscape or city scenes without any post-processing. It's become one of my favourite techniques, and in my tutorial I'll explain everything you need to know to get started with long exposures.

Canon and Nikon pro mirrorless wishlist

18 Jun 2018 Gordon Laing

一本大道香蕉视频Canon and Nikon may have concentrated on entry to mid-level mirrorless cameras so far, but both companies are expected to launch high-end models by the end of the year. In a special edition of the cameralabs video podcast, Gordon and Doug discuss their wishlist with contributions by six special guests!

Sony Imaging Pro Support review

20 Feb 2018 Gordon Laing

一本大道香蕉视频Canon and Nikon may be the established names in the pro sports market, but Sony's hungry for a piece of the action. In 2017 it launched it's fastest pro body yet, the Alpha A9, alongside an enhanced pro support program. In this article I'll take a look at the program so far.

Phone photography tips

06 Feb 2018 Gordon Laing

一本大道香蕉视频Today's phones feature very respectable cameras that are capable of great results. Making the most of them involves a combination of applying traditional techniques and embracing modern technology. In my series of video tutorials, I'll show you how to take better photos with your phone!

South Africa Safari Photography

20 Dec 2017 Gordon Laing

一本大道香蕉视频A classic African safari is on the bucket list of many photographers, but it can be hard to return with images that do justice to your memories. In my workshop I'll share my tips to photographing wildlife in South Africa, and see how the latest technologies can make it easier.

Solar Eclipse Photography

18 Aug 2017 Gordon Laing

A Total Solar Eclipse is one of nature's most spectacular sights: as the Moon passes between the Earth and Sun it gradually obscures the disc until the faint wispy Coronal atmosphere is revealed! I've photographed two Total Solar Eclipses and in my guide will explain everything I've learned!

Bangkok bites: the best streetfood in Thailand!

29 Mar 2017 Gordon Laing

一本大道香蕉视频Of all the countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand has a special place in my heart. It was the first country I'd visited in the region, introducing me to travel which felt truly exotic. Twenty years later I returned, determined to find the best streetfood in Bangkok. Here's my guide to finding it, photographing it and of course eating it!

Morocco Tips for Photographers

07 Feb 2017 Gordon Laing

Looking for a great holiday destination with wonderful photo opportunities? Check out my guide to driving across Morocco!

Bear Photography at Brooks Falls

01 Dec 2016 Gordon Laing

If you want to photograph bears fishing for salmon, it's hard to beat Brooks Falls, Alaska. Here's the story behind a memorable trip.

How to use a polarizer filter

25 Oct 2016 Gordon Laing

Landscape shots with distant subjects like canyon rims or mountain ranges can often look hazy even under the sunniest conditions. One of the most effective ways of cutting through this haze and capturing a vibrant photo with saturated colours and a deep blue sky is to use a polarizing filter. In this workshop I’ll show you everything you need to…

Shooting pro-cycling with mirrorless

22 Aug 2016 Gordon Laing

TL:DR? Of all the cameras I've tested, the Sony A6300 becomes the best for sports photography at its price point, whether DSLR or mirrorless; indeed you'd need to spend comfortably more on a DSLR to match its confidence. But the earlier Sony A6000 comes close in many regards, making it a bargain for budget action shooters. See my Sony A6300…

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